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Who I am: 


Long and varied experience from negotiating different types of agreements. From my previous career in the oil industry as both
line manager and project manager. Authorized legal counsel from the Supervisory Council for Legal Practice in Norway. Masters
degree in Law from University of Oslo («UiO»). Passed the Bar Course («Advokatkurset»). MBA from Norwegian School of Economics
and Business Administration («NHH»). Special areas: Law of Inheritance, Family Law, Planning-and Building Law, Employment and
Labor Law, Contract Law (-especially consumer contracts), Company Law, Housing Law.

About me

Authorized Legal Counsel from the Supervisory Counsil for Legal Practice, Norway
Relevant areas for legal assistance:
  • Real estate, planning and building- permits and complaints, contractual disputes.
  • Inheritance and family law. Testament. Administration and division of estate. Guardianship.Divorce Settlement.
  • Employment Law, Labor Law. Employment contracts. Management contracts. Assist in disputes concerning dismissal- or summary dismissal.
  • Consumer contracts. Complaints with claims for repair, price reduction or damages. Declare termination of contract.
  • Debt settlement thru private agreements or according to the Debt Settlement Act.
  • Insurance claims.
Legal specialities by education:
  • Employment Law and Labor Law.
  • Building- and Construction Law
  • Mortgage- and Bankruptcy Law
  • Expropriation Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Tax Law

Contact Me

 Phone :   90 40 43 34

 E-mail :

 Org No :   921 700 474 MVA

 Addres :   Gerhard Munthes vei 20
1344 Haslum