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About me

Authorized Legal Counsel from the Supervisory Counsil for Legal Practice, Norway
Relevant areas for legal assistance:
  • Real estate, planning and building- permits and complaints, contractual disputes.
  • Inheritance and family law. Testament. Administration and division of estate. Guardianship.Divorce Settlement.
  • Employment Law, Labor Law. Employment contracts. Management contracts. Assist in disputes concerning dismissal- or summary dismissal.
  • Consumer contracts. Complaints with claims for repair, price reduction or damages. Declare termination of contract.
  • Debt settlement thru private agreements or according to the Debt Settlement Act.
  • Insurance claims.
Legal specialities by education:
  • Employment Law and Labor Law.
  • Building- and Construction Law
  • Mortgage- and Bankruptcy Law
  • Expropriation Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Tax Law