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Examples of assignments
consumer Disputes

Assistance to individuals either as consumers in consumer purchases (purchases from traders) or in purchases and sales between two private persons (the Purchase Act). Complaint, claim for repair, price reduction, replacement, cancellation or delivery. Opportunities for committee treatment as an



Public procurement

Assistance to tenderers in the tender phase and to formulate a complaint to KOFA after awarding Legality Check of the announcement, including qualification requirements and award criteria. Selection of procedure including how selection of suppliers for competitive dialogue can take place. Requirements for Hability. Publication and requirement for justification of supplier selection.



Redevelopment of urban farm. Sectioning.

Establishment of ownership section. Section Request Requirements. Public law requirements (Planning and Building Act with regulations). Owner Section Act. Tax effects of reorganization.



Labor law. 

Assistance to employer or employee.

Form requirements and deadlines for termination. Requirements for factual selection criteria. The right to stand. The importance of the shape requirements. When is the dismissal unjustified and what compensation claims can the employee have. The importance of collective agreements in staffing, business transfers and outsourcing.



Monetary claims. Outlays Petitions. Request for compulsory waiver in rental conditions. Urådighetserklæringer. Official registration.

Assistance to individuals and companies in recovery of money claims. The conditions for being able to demand compulsory waiver. Practical advice for cohabitants when one should take over the other’s share in the apartment in case of breakup.